Since 2005, Zephyr Tours has been on a mission to provide quality kitesurfing holidays to unique destinations around the world. Our all-inclusive kiting adventures will give you access to pristine, remote locations while being hosted by an experienced and professional team!

Our focus is on your progression with adventures in each discipline of kitesurfing to carefully selected, unique and well-researched destinations.

We offer a personalised service for small groups with a team of mature, passionate and local guides, qualified instructors and professional hosts, where we immerse into the local culture and surroundings to provide experiences that are truly authentic and memorable.

Our kitesurfing holidays cater to all levels of kiters; whether you’ve never dipped your toes in the water, or you’re ready to nail your next trick, we’ve got you covered! Why not bring along your non-kiting partner or friend and enjoy a vacation together?


At Zephyr Tours, we are driven to unearth fresh and exclusive kitesurfing holiday locations. We are uncompromising in our quest to find pristine and remote destinations that exude culture, isolation, and quality. We deliver hassle-free holidays that are incredibly good value with service that is unparalleled, right down to serving up your favourite coffee – barista-style – the instant you step foot on kite beach each morning!

We believe in safety as a priority. Our Kiteboarding Australia (KA) and International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO) certified instructors will cater your beginner lesson or coaching session to your individual goals, and you can feel safe knowing that our support vessel is always on hand.

Zephyr Tours selects well-researched pristine, and unmatched destinations where our tours are highly immersive, and our clients have an experience that is truly authentic and memorable. Our dedicated team of kite frothers are on tour with you, ready to share their stoke and provide an unrivaled experience every day!



Unique Holiday Fun!

Kitesurfing is one of the world’s fastest-growing adrenaline sports and will make its first appearance at the 2024 Olympic Games. So, why not get in on the action and have a go? Our 1-hour Kitesurfing Experience lesson is perfect for families who want to experience something new while on holiday, or for anyone who would love to see what the excitement is all about!

Play with a trainer kite on the beautiful “Kite Beach”. Watch it dip and loop and fly! Learn how to generate power as you maneuver the kite through the wind window.  With kite flying skills under your belt, you will be able to progress to a power kite much sooner!

A trainer kite is a small, lightweight kite designed to be used as a training aid for learning to kitesurf. They are safer and easier to fly than a power kite and are a great tool in teaching basic kite flying skills and techniques. A trainer kite typically has two or three lines, and is controlled using a bar or handles.

Yes! Playing with a trainer kite is a safe and fun activity, suitable for the whole family. However, we do recommend kids be at least 8 years old.

Learning how to fly a trainer kite is safe and easy! And it’s a great first step to learning how to kitesurf!

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Tropical Escape

Turquoise blue waters, dreamy white sandy beaches and the sound of the winter trade winds rushing through the palm trees; discover a kitesurfer’s paradise! Experience long downwinders, lagoon crossings over the blue holes, and kitesurfing with turtles. The Cocos Keeling Islands are what kitesurfing dreams are made of!

Perfect for all levels of kiters, the Cocos Islands has something for everyone! Find out more >


Far North QLD Offshore Adventure

Offshore coral cays and a private charter boat. Tropical rainforests and untouched sandbars. Perfect for small groups.

Best for experienced kiters who are able to stay upwind. Find out more >


South Africa KOTA & Cape Tour

Touring during the most extreme kite event on the planet, be inspired to push the limits of your own kiting while rubbing shoulder with the pros. Kitesurf epic waves and supreme flat water in South Africa during the Red Bull King of the Air competition while escaping the crowds with our local guide.

Suited to intermediate and advanced kiters. Find out more >


Torres Strait Freestyle Camp

The holy grail of flat water kiting with endless offshore trade winds and butter smooth water for miles. Welcomed into the community and looked after like family, you’ll kite every day, help catch, prepare and share seafood meals, learn local customs, share stories and make lifelong friends.

Best for intermediate to advanced freestyle kiters. Find out more >


New Caledonia Kite Cruise

Set sail with local pro kiter Tom Hebert to explore countless sandy atolls, enjoy long downwinders and fish for dinner. Let the winds guide you on an Island hopping, fishing, kiting and relaxing tour onboard a luxury 43ft sailing catamaran in the South Pacific with Tom Hebert.

For intermediate to experienced kiters. Find out more >



Thanks to Ben, Cat, and the team for a great Cocos kiteboarding experience. As usual, the team did a great job at improving my kiteboarding skills and showing me a great time. I always feel like less of a kiteboarding hack after a Zephyr tour. Big call out to Ieke, Marnix, and Ben who are outstanding instructors. Also, high praise to Max who fed us some amazing dishes over the course of the tour. I can recommend a Zephyr tour to anyone looking for an awesome time and looking to progress their kiting skills.

Warwick N., VIC Cocos Islands 2022

Absolutely fantastic trip, short enough to escape without being missed and long enough to improve my kiting. A great adventure and even gave my liver a workout! Save me a spot and I'll see you next year!

Willy R., QLD Far North QLD 2022

Initially, I was surprised by how short the tour was until I experienced it. It is an intense kiting holiday, no time wasting, and in the end a great length (especially a warm-up to Cocos). We felt so privileged to kite on coral cays without anyone else in sight, just the rays, turtles, and fish. Ness and Bretto were great fun, open, and full of great stories and advice. Benny and Marnix are wonderful hosts and even better instructors. The group of clients worked exceptionally well and I hope we can all get together next year!

Sal L., VIC Far North QLD 2022