Experience the thrill of learning to kitesurf in the stunning Cocos (K) Islands with Zephyr Tours! Choose from our 2, 5, or 10-hour lesson packages, tailored to your skill level. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every exhilarating moment, ensuring an unforgettable adventure , and memories that will last a lifetime!


Unlock your kitesurfing potential with Zephyr Tours’ lesson and accommodation package! With unbeatable value, our package combines a 10-hour lesson package with exclusive boutique accommodation. Learn from the best by day, relax in comfort by night.


Looking for a fun activity for the whole family on the Cocos Islands? Why not try our Kitesurfing Experience! Learn to master a two-line trainer kite, harnessing the wind’s power as you navigate the kite through the wind window. With these fundamental kite flying skills, you’ll soon be ready to advance to a powered kite!



Zephyr Tours has been operating kite lessons and kitesurfing tours on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands since 2005. With a strong connection to the islands and a commitment to promote and support local tourism, Zephyr’s operations continue to grow and evolve. In addition to our unique all-inclusive kitesurfing tours, and to meet the increasing demand for kitesurfing lessons, Zephyr Tours is stoked to now offer kitesurfing lessons in the Cocos (K) Islands.

With the winter trade winds blowing consistently from June through to October and the water temperature a balmy 27C, the Cocos Islands is the perfect location to learn to kitesurf. While the southern winter is the best time to come to Cocos for kitesurfing, there is wind all year round.

Whether you’re a complete beginner who’s never flown a kite or want to learn how to nail your first backroll, we can help you progress faster and boost higher in no time! Our supportive and patient instructors will adapt their teaching style to suit your learning needs best and always teach at a pace that works best for you.


Our kitesurfing lesson packages are thoughtfully designed to accommodate your individual learning style, ensuring a safe and rewarding experience as you progress at your own pace. Led by experienced instructors, these lessons provide a supportive environment where you can confidently master the fundamental skills of kitesurfing.

  • Choose from our 2, 5, or 10-hour lesson packages.
  • All lesson packages include complimentary transport from your accommodation to Kite Beach (7km).
  • Book a 5 or 10-hour kite lesson package and get priority lesson times!

Learning in a structured setting enhances one’s own safety and fosters a sense of responsibility toward others sharing the water. Participating in lessons also provides valuable insights into potential hazards, equipping one with the knowledge to navigate them effectively.


  • What date should I book my lesson?

    To avoid disappointment and help schedule lesson times, we recommend booking your kitesurfing lesson for your FIRST AVAILABLE DAY in Cocos. This will give us time to adjust according to the wind and tides.

  • Can I book a lesson with someone else?

    For beginner lessons, we can only cater for up to two people. To add an extra person, select the "extra person" option during checkout.

  • Can the lesson packages be split between two people?

    The 10-hour lesson package can be split between to people.

  • Are you local to the Indian Ocean Territories?

    Send us an email at info@zephyrkitetours.com and ask us about our LOCALS DISCOUNT for kitesurfing lessons!


  • Kite lessons are subject to availability, wind, and tide conditions.
  • Kite lessons in the Cocos Islands can only be conducted when the tide is 0.6m or above.
  • For information on Cocos Islands tides, head to www.tideschart.com/Cocos-Islands/
  • Kite lessons in the Cocos Islands are available most of the year-round, however, June to October offers the most consistent wind conditions, with the summer months prone to monsoon lows, cyclones, and the doldrums.


Introducing our new Kitesurfing & Lesson Packages for 2024, offering unbeatable value! Stay at the Cocos Seaview accommodation while learning to kitesurf in the warm, tropical waters of the Cocos (K) Islands.


  • 4-nights accommodation for two at the Cocos Seaview
  • 10-hour PLATINUM Kite Lesson Package
  • Access to our Kite Beach facilities
  • Gear hire (beginner lessons only)
  • One-on-one tuition
  • plus, everything included in our 10-hour lesson package!

This deal provides the ultimate value for money, especially with accommodation selling out fast on the island. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a weekend getaway with your plus 1, or a great way to hone your kitesurfing skills if travelling solo. With limited accommodation on the island, take advantage of our Accommodation & Lesson Package for a value-plus kitesurfing experience!





19th July - 23rd July 2024
2nd August - 6th August 2024 *SOLD OUT*
16th August - 20th August 2024
30th August - 2nd September 2024
13th September - 17th September 2024


This adrenaline-pumping sport is rapidly growing in popularity and will even be featured in the 2024 Olympic Games. Our 1-hour Kitesurfing Experience lesson is perfect for families and individuals alike who want to try something new and exciting.

On the picturesque “Kite Beach,” you’ll learn the basics of kitesurfing by playing with a trainer kite. Watch it dip, loop, and soar through the air as you master the art of generating power and manoeuvring the kite through the wind window. With these skills under your belt, you’ll be well-prepared to progress to a power kite and take your kitesurfing abilities to the next level. So why wait? Come experience the thrill of kitesurfing today!




  • What is a trainer kite?

    A trainer kite is a purpose-made kite that flies due to air passing through the cell walls of the kite. It is small, lightweight, and designed as a training aid for learning to kitesurf. They are safer and easier to fly than a power kite and are a great tool in teaching basic kite flying skills and techniques. A trainer kite typically has two or three lines and is controlled using a bar or handles.

  • Can my kids have a go?

    Yes! Playing with a trainer kite is a safe and fun activity, suitable for the whole family. Kids under 6 years of age may struggle to hold onto the kite. However, our certified instructor will be there to help them hang on!

  • Is it difficult to learn?

    Learning how to fly a trainer kite is safe and easy! And it’s a great first step to learning how to kitesurf!

  • What if I learn really fast?

    If you show quick progress during your kitesurfing lesson, if time permits, we will give you the opportunity to try out a powered, leading-edge inflatable kite.

  • Can I book I kitesurfing lesson?

    Yes! Click on the Kitesurfing Lesson Packages tab to select your preferred package.


To get started with booking your kitesurfing lessons or accommodation package:

  1. Select either the “Accommodation & Lesson Package” or “Kitesurfing Lessons” tab from the options below.
  2. Once you have selected your preferred option, simply use the calendar picker to select the start date of your desired package or lesson.
  3. If you don’t see any availability for your preferred date, try scrolling forward on the calendar to find more options.

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