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Thanks to Ben, Cat, and the team for a great Cocos kiteboarding experience. As usual, the team did a great job at improving my kiteboarding skills and showing me a great time. I always feel like less of a kiteboarding hack after a Zephyr tour. Big call out to Ieke, Marnix, and Ben who are outstanding instructors. Also, high praise to Max who fed us some amazing dishes over the course of the tour. I can recommend a Zephyr tour to anyone looking for an awesome time and looking to progress their kiting skills.

Warwick N., VIC Cocos Islands 2022

Absolutely fantastic trip, short enough to escape without being missed and long enough to improve my kiting. A great adventure and even gave my liver a workout! Save me a spot and I'll see you next year!

Willy R., QLD Far North QLD 2022

Initially, I was surprised by how short the tour was until I experienced it. It is an intense kiting holiday, no time wasting, and in the end a great length (especially a warm-up to Cocos). We felt so privileged to kite on coral cays without anyone else in sight, just the rays, turtles, and fish. Ness and Bretto were great fun, open, and full of great stories and advice. Benny and Marnix are wonderful hosts and even better instructors. The group of clients worked exceptionally well and I hope we can all get together next year!

Sal L., VIC Far North QLD 2022

A fantastic trip that exceeded expectations. Great value for money providing excellent coaching with good coach-to-guest ratios in an amazing kiting location. The kiting was excellent I was very pleased with my progression thanks to the Zephyr Team. The beach location is well set up with good facilities, and outstanding food - a great place to relax on holiday. Thank you for a great experience!

Martin P., VIC Cocos Islands 2022

This is my second trip to Cocos with Zephyr and absolutely loved it. Very well organised and the Zephyr Team go out of their way to ensure everyone has an amazing time! I highly recommend it for all levels of kiting.

Gary M., WA Cocos Islands 2022

Tour was great! Ben's limitless positivity was a real asset, and the coaching efforts by the rest of the team made it one of the most rewarding experiences I've been on. The home cooked style food provided on the tour was sublime. I'm very happy with my progression throughout the tour, going from never-used-a-kite-before to consistently-kiting-upwind. You guys did a fantastic job all round. Would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about learning how to kite and wanting to completely bypass the so called 'walk of shame'.

Ray M., WA Cocos Islands 2021

Had an amazing week with Ben and the Zephyr crew on Cocos Islands. It’s a postcard perfect tropical location and the lagoon is the best place to really progress your kiting skills. Such a patient and knowledgeable team of instructors, providing full days of coaching from beginner to more advanced kiters. Nothing was ever a problem and the team went above and beyond to ensure we all had the best time. Combine this with a week of delicious gourmet food, island excursions, awesome downwind adventures, snorkelling, wonderful company and more kiting than you could hope for, and the Zephyr tour ticks all the boxes.

Paul W., WA Cocos Islands 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour in FNQ with Ben and his team. The locations were beautiful and when the wind was on it was great. Everyday was quite the adventure!

Jason T., QLD Far North QLD 2021

We could not praise the team and organisation more highly. We loved every minute, the company, food, arrangements, attention, coaching, ability to free time (snorkel) and warm generosity shown.

Luke C., VIC Cocos Islands 2018

We had an amazing time with good food, quality accommodation and even great fellow tour members! Not only did we improve our kiting a lot but we also had the unexpected bonus of learning and practising safety manoeuvres which takes our confidence really to a next level... Your tour standard has both impressed us, but at the same time, created trust in the quality of product you offer and we would like join you again on future tours.

Bester P., South Africa Cocos Island 2018

Hands down, the best holiday I have ever had.  All the instructors and support crew were fantastic… It was so nice to go on a trip where everything is so well organised.

Som L., NT Cocos Islands 2018

[The] crew and the islands were fantastic. I can honestly say the best days kiting I have experienced have been on Cocos... All the staff were well organised and friendly, the tuition provided was particularly good... The food prepared by Zephyr was all good.

Gwil H., NSW Cocos Islands 2018

The best trip so far. The new set up is great. Ben, Chris and the girls are terrific with constant coaching and demos.  The mix of people in the tour was excellent with learners and intermediate riders. There is a lot more bonding now that we have all meals with the group so you really get to know all about the various individuals and starts long term friendships.

David & Sally L., VIC Cocos Islands 2018

Thanks for a great kiting holiday! We loved our time with you on the Cocos and you looked after us incredibly well. To have a week of kiting in flat, warm, shallow water from tropical white sand beaches, was absolutely heaven. Thanks also for all the instruction, catering and outings across the lagoon which made the trip so much fun. See you next year!

Peter M., VIC Cocos Islands 2018

The trip was everything I could have hoped for and then more! I really appreciate the thought you all put into the week and its activities, tailoring it to our group and each of our levels, the attention to detail and clear commitment to safety focus, as well as all being a bunch of great people to be around. It was absolutely brilliant, see you next year!

Jim M., VIC Cocos Islands 2018

Zero to Hero – Couldn’t stay upwind, had 3 days on Cocos with our coaches, day 4; kited 15kms across the lagoon to Home Island and day 5; jumps, back rolls and down loop transitions!

Mark D., QLD Cocos Islands 2018

I really appreciate the extreme show of tolerance shown towards a slow learning 57yo. Really feel that I made progress, and when ever I thought of giving up, there was always someone egging me on. Also appreciate the extra effort made due to the bad weather. Congrats on the great company and service.

Richard M., VIC Cocos Islands 2018

I absolutely loved Cocos and the Zephyr experience. Best holiday ever! The kiting conditions are the most beginner friendly I've ever see. I've made lots of progress and lost my build up of kite-anxiety after getting hurt last year. The team was all-around awesome! I got some great tips and lessons from every single one of them, but especially Monica was amazing with us less experienced riders.

The non-kiting adventures were equally great, from Scroungers Golf, snorkelling the amazing Rip at Direction Island to the Barefoot Ball on our last night as the perfect ending to the trip.

I loved the Cocos cottages for accommodation, and sharing with Anita and Som was perfect matchmaking on your part. I'm sure I gained some friends for life there.

The food was great, good work by the team to create tasty breakfasts and lunches with the limited supplies  available on the island.

Sandra P., WA Cocos Islands 2018

Thanks Zephyr for a unique experience on Masig with a stunning location, awesome peeps and an enchanting community. Seen so much progression throughout, ate lots of yummy and healthy seafood and learned so much from locals. Feeling so relaxed and earthy.

Kai H., WA Torres Strait 2018

It’s amazing, the guys here are fantastic, the conditions are lovely, and the water couldn’t be flatter. The extra-curricular activities are also wicked (I love my new coconut leaf carry bag). I didn’t learn my lesson from last year and managed to sunburn my feet and then rub a layer of skin off which will need some management. Burst a kite too. And Will lost a board. So we’ve had plenty of opportunity to build character. Absolutely can’t detract from how amazing the tour is. Loving it.

Paul G., WA Torres Strait 2018

It’s been absolutely wicked, great weather, great wind and super flat water. The Magic Mile really is magic and the local people here are so nice. The tour so far could not be better.

Paul R., QLD Torres Strait 2018

A fabulous and fun trip to Cocos shared with a truly awesome and wonderful bunch of people.  A thank you to everyone for making it so special, and especially to Ben and the Zephyr team for making my 10th trip to Cocos (with Zephyr) so memorable and absolutely first class in so many ways.

Hans P., VIC Cocos Islands 2018

I will go back to Cocos and I would do it with you rather than as an independent. The product including support, instruction and even camaraderie of your team and other kiters means that you leave with another 10 friends. And that is valuable to a lot of time poor people like myself.

Brett G., QLD Cocos Islands 2018