Kitesurfing tip: How to self land

How to self land your kite with the Stoke Coach. 

We’ve all pretty much been there at some point; just had an epic session kitesurfing and you come into the beach and you find there is nobody around to land your kite and you think ‘oh s**t; now what to do!?’

Self landing and self-launching in kitesurfing are both definitely very handy skills to have, and if done correctly, it can be a pretty safe manoeuvre; providing it’s not blowing 40 knots that is!

Our Head Instructor Ben Strowger aka The Stoke Coach has put together a short tutorial showing you the best and safest way how to self land. Check it out…

Top Tips

  • As the Stoke Coach highlights, think about where you will be landing your kite before you have even launched. The beach could be small, is there only one direction you can land? Is there any reef around? Which way is the wind blowing? Think about all of these things before you even hit the water.
  • Practice, practice, practice! On those super-light wind days when there is not much else you can do, practice your self landing skills. You’ll be a pro in no time!
  • Last but not least, if there is actually somebody on the beach to land your kite, let them land it! Don’t try to be the Mr or Mrs Know It All who sends their kite into a death loop after refusing a landing from someone. Getting dragged through sand dunes or over rocks isn’t a fun experience for you or the people who are around you. This actually happened to me last week after some dude (who is a very good kiter may I add!) refused my offer to land his kite, death looped his kite and off he went. Thankfully only his ego was hurt – true story!

See how you go and feel free to post questions/comments on the Youtube channel, email us or leave a comment here. The Zephyr Team would be happy to help.

You can follow the Stoke Coach on Instagram , on his Facebook page , find him at Ocean Addicts  or follow him on tour to get the tips and tricks in person.

Everyday is a school day!

Rebecca Bury – Kite Frother

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