3 Reasons to Kitesurf in the Torres Strait in 2019

The Torres Strait is calling, and you must go!

The Torres Strait is a kiter’s playground, where two teardrop islands meet and steady trade winds flow over the sandbar to create perfect conditions for both freeriding and freestyle kiteboarding. We call it the Masig Magic Mile.

The access permit for kiting in this spot is only available through Zephyr Tours; guaranteeing that your experience will be both unique and rewarding. We are strong believers in supporting the communities that welcome us into their space.  On our Yorke Island tour, we work closely with our partners, Gubaou Mari, to provide employment to at least 12 local members of the community who help as our boat crew, cooks, artists, craftsmen and guides.

Here we will share with you 3 reasons why this off-the-beaten-track destination is a must-visit with Zephyr Tours in 2019, 2020, 2021… you get the idea.

1. More downtime, less stress

Here at Zephyr Tours, we seek out extraordinary and remote destinations and endeavour to deliver unmatched levels of service. We travel in small groups; focusing on each individual’s needs and take care of everything from breakfast to bedtime.

When you don’t need to constantly worry about crowds, where your next meal is coming from, how you will get to the beach, whether there will be enough space at the beach to practice your favourite tricks, and so on, you can spend more time relaxing and actually enjoying your day – and the company of your new-found kiteboarding buddies!

Traveling should be about doing activities at your own pace, not rushing around and missing the actual fun. Let us take care of all of the practical considerations for you!

No-one out here but you…

2. The opportunity to travel to the far-flung corners of Australia

Well-known kitesurfing locations have long been the most popular getaway destinations. Modern tourism, however, has started to take a different path, complimenting regional travel that creates both economic benefits to small communities and provides travels with the opportunity to experience unique new locations.

There is much to be said about experiencing cuisine and culture alongside quiet and friendly kitesurfing locations, far away from crowded beaches and standardised brands. Travelling off the beaten path offers opportunities to experience an individual way of life that you could never find elsewhere.

Find a way to get off the beaten track…

…and there is no better way than to use the sport of kiteboarding as a vehicle to get you there!

3. Immersion in Culture

The Torres Strait offers up cultural immersion and breathtaking natural beauty in spades through a number of hands-on activities.  Expert mariners will transport you to the Masig Magic Mile each day in the longboats; local chefs will feed you delicious cuisine and the local community will entertain you with stories from the elders, traditional dancing, and hands-on lessons in pit fire cooking plus a whole lot more.

The remote position of the Torres Strait has ensured that community culture has been preserved and has continued to prevail for many thousands of years; away from the influence of the Australian mainland. Let yourself be one of the few people who get to experience this unique way of life.

Nothing like a fresh feed of lobster, reef fish & coconut cooked right on the beach.

If you are looking for your next kite holiday to be unique and a totally new experience, join us this winter to kitesurf the Torres Strait Magic Mile.

Choose from 7 or 11 day tours all inclusive departing Cairns June & July.

Stay happy, stay healthy and go Kitesurfing!

Heather Menaglio


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